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Loanshark Beau Reed has his size 13 boots, socks, and feet worshipped by Cameron Kincade

Loanshark Beau Reed Worshiped for My Friends Feet

Cameron Kincade owes his loanshark and Beau Reed is here to collect his money. To buy himself a few extra days he has to worship Beau‘s size 13 feet and smelly socks. After getting roughed up a bit and licking Beau‘s boots Cameron has to smell his rank socks and then sniff and suck Beau‘s huge feet while the aggressive collector jerks off his big cock.

First Name: Beau
Last Name: Reed
Race: White
Hair Color: Brown
Body Type: Muscular

Beau Reed is a tall muscular jock with huge size 13 feet and a hot jock body. Those big feet are incredible with high arches and wide meaty soles. He didn’t think he was ticklish, but we showed him that he was very wrong about that!

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