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James Kline Jerks His Cock Over His Socks and Feet

James Kline gives his feet a massage with his cum for Toe Sucking Guys

James Kline is a lean hottie who is very horny – in a matter of seconds he has his clothes, including his dirty smelly shoes and black socks off and we get to check out his hot body. He starts rubbing his feet, gripping the balls of his feet firmly and stroking over every inch. He kneads over and between his toes, showing off his smooth pink soles at the same time. With one hand on his feet he grips his cock, pulling and stroking its length to rock hardness.

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James Kline sniffs his sneaker, takes off his socks and jerks off for Toe Sucking Guys

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James Kline sniffs his sneaker and jacks off for Toe Sucking Guys - collage

Watch Cal Cum All Over His Sneakers

Cal for Toe Sucking Guys

Cal Sucks On His Toes and Jerks Off With His Socks and Sneakers

Handsome Cal is a muscle stud who loves big manly feet, even if they’re his own. He comes home from the gym after a workout and can’t resist taking a sniff of his sweaty Adidas workout shoes. While he’s sniffing his hand travels down to his cock which he strokes through his pants. He gets into self-worshipping, slipping each toe into his warm, wet mouth before jacking off with his black Everlast ankle sock.

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Watch the preview video:

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Selfie sniffing his Nike sneaker in a changing room in his dirty white crew socks

Sniffing his black Adidas sneakers in his black Adidas crew socks

Skater sniffs his black Vans sneaker on the stairs

Blond guy sniffs his Vans sneaker and shows off his black ankle sock on the stairs

Blond guy sniffs his Vans sneakers on the stairs

Blond guy sniffs his white Adidas sneaker on the stairs

Blond guy takes off his red Nike sneakers and sniffs them