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Preston and Jacob’s Mutual Foot Worship and Footjobs

Toe Sucking Cock Buddies Preston Ettinger & Jacob Marteny In The Tub!

Preston Ettinger and Jacob Marteny for Toegasms - male feet

Preston Ettinger and Jacob Marteny are great friends, they’ve been enjoying their dicks together for years and they know what it takes to make each other splash the cream. Take a look at the gorgeous boys sharing a tub, already hard, but getting more turned on as they lick and suck, enjoying a mutual foot play session. Their dicks are soon demanding some attention and the boys give each other some foot wanking to get their loads squirting out of their dicks! It’s a good thing they’re in the tub already, they get quite sticky!

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First Name: Jacob
Last Name: Marteny
Age: 21
Race: White
Hair Color: Brown
Body Type: Small
Pubic Type: Shaved

Cute and sexy Jacob Marteny is a great addition, one you’ll be hooked on him. Some boys are naturals when it comes to performing on camera, and when you see this incredibly handsome young man on film you’ll know that he’s doing a job he is perfectly suited to. His tight little body is enough to drive the guys wild, but when you see him fucking on film you’ll wish it was you alongside him!

First Name: Preston
Last Name: Ettinger
Age: 19
Race: White
Hair Color: Brown
Body Type: Average
Pubic Type: Trimmed

Sexy twink boy Preston Ettinger has a great body and a cock that he loves to share with the boys. Preston is an unashamed cum lover who just can’t get enough of the gooey stuff. This gay boy is known for being super horny all the time, and when he’s not sharing his cock with other boys he can be found edging his own dick and building up a big load for himself to gobble down. Jizz lovers will fall for him so hard!

Watch the full video.

Watch the full video.

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